Acqualagna Tartufi (Acqualagna Truffles) was born from thirty years of experience in the field of truffles.

Our company policy emphasizes the high quality of the product which is only possible thanks to a careful search of the collecting areas of the precious tuber.

The raw materials thus selected are then transformed in our modern plant, according to ancient techniques, so as to ensure maximum authenticity.

The company “Acqualagna Truffles” has thus found the right balance between technology and craftsmanship. The high quality in the production and the taste of a production made "in house" along with a structured customer service are the guiding principles of the entire process for “Acqualagna Truffles”.

In the Establishment happen all the steps of the production process: the selection of the best fresh fruits, cleaning, cooking traditional recipes, sterilization and packaging. The whole chain meets European CEE to ensure a wide range of products based on truffles safe and controlled.


The production is not limited only to the truffle specialties, but also products such as mushrooms, cheeses and other specialty foods always prepared with the same care, wisdom and respecting the traditional techniques preserved and handed down over the years from one generation to another.