The company Acqualagna Truffles, renovating its premises in 2004, purchased the newest and most advanced equipment and machinery for better processing and by far accelerating phases of packing and sealing of the product stored while leaving intact the old craft techniques of processing. The company use no preservatives or colorings for conserving, but only sterilization. The phases of canning occur in a semiautomatic way that guarantees sanitation of the product itself.

The selection

The truffle is selected manually by lending special attention and dividing it by the use for which it is intended and according to the need of the customer. A part of this will remain in the company for processing, while the other part will be used to supply customers with fresh or frozen truffle.

The cleanup

Depending on the customer’s request, fresh truffles, are either brushed or washed, so as to remove any remaining dirt.

Slices and Creams

After being washed, the truffle as well as being ready for shipping or to be frozen, it can be sliced or ground. By slicing you can get round and thin flakes. While the grinding allows to shred the truffle, thus obtaining the base used for the preparation of sauces.

Canning and sterilization

Once prepared the recipe, the product is inserted into a dosing machine that, without ever coming in contact with the hands and respecting the health regulations in force, allows to insert in the vessel the right amount of product prescribed on the label. Immediately after the vessels pass into the capper that closes them creating the vacuum. Finally, since neither colorings nor preservatives are used, the vessels are inserted in an autoclave that sterilizes them.