Our laboratory shows how the fresh truffle of Acqualagna is selected, cleaned, preserved, packaged and shipped in 24 hours.

Our suggestions for the maintenance, cleaning and use of fresh truffles. ● The fresh truffle is kept in the refrigerator wrapped in kitchen paper such as Scottex (it is advisable to change it every day as soon as it becomes damp) and placed in an airtight plastic or glass container.● We specify that this isothermal … Read more

The various species of truffles and harvest periods in Acqualagna

There are about a hundred types of truffles, but only 9 species are considered edible and, therefore, can be marketed. In fact, most are toxic or characterized by non-appreciable organoleptic properties. A series of characteristics distinguish the different types of truffles: the scent, flavor, appearance of the peridium (the outer rind), appearance of the gleba … Read more