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Dai boschi appenninici di Acqualagna, la Ditta Acqualagna Tartufi raccoglie il tartufo, il frutto spontaneo più prezioso di queste terre, e lo propone in raffinate specialità gastronomiche per riscoprire, ogni giorno sulla tavola, i sapori della tradizione culinaria marchigiana. All’esperienza della lavorazione con tecniche artigianali e alla passione che guida la ricerca di materie prime di altissima qualità, la Ditta Acqualagna Tartufi aggiunge la serietà dei controlli conformi alle vigenti norme CEE continuando ad offrire i migliori tartufi freschi e ottime specialità alimentari.


Acqualagna Tartufi S.r.l. specializes in the commercialization of fresh truffles and the transformation of these truffles into various long-life food specialties. Our company has more than 60 years of experience in the world of truffles thanks to the collection and marketing carried out by the well-known Marini family in Acqualagna. In 2004 Piergiorgio Marini, with his wife Emanuela Bartolucci, decided to separate from the historical family business to found their own, more innovative, and structured one.
The purchase of numerous state-of-the-art machinery has enabled us to process our food products better and extensively. Thanks to the contribution of expert food technologists, we have managed to maintain the traditional recipes and prepare the products artisanally; the company has been able to extend the products’ cooking process on a large scale and accelerate and automate the phases of storing, sealing, sterilization, and labelling the stored products.

In recent years, the company has restructured itself commercially in a managerial manner to control the domestic market better and compete on a large scale in international markets, where competition for Made in Italy agri-food excellence has become increasingly aggressive.
Our mission is now focused on positioning the historic “Acqualagna Tartufi” brand among the first worldwide, aware of the qualitative superiority of the white truffle of Acqualagna and the variety of truffles that its territory can offer all year round. The Magnatum Pico of Acqualagna, together with Alba, is the only one that enjoys a designation of origin; because of that Italian Parliament is currently working on a new law in order to protect such designation (D.O.P.): the superior white truffles can only be from Alba or Acqualagna. Acqualagna is famously known worldwide as the capital of the “fresh truffle all year round”, a real-world crossroads of truffle production, trade, and tasting. Acqualagna is the only city that boasts such a diversified territorial collection of the 9 types of existing truffles and as many as three national/regional fairs of white truffles, superior black truffles, and summer black truffles.


Our company operates in compliance with the most rigorous standards of quality, environmental protection, and health and safety at work, operating in compliance with certified international regulations. Acqualagna Tartufi is fully committed to ensuring that each food product sold retains the natural flavors and aromas of its territory for as long as possible. Our company adds the seriousness and rigidity of quality controls in compliance with current EEC standards to the experience of processing with craftsmanship and passion in the search for high-quality raw materials; our entire supply chain, from the collection/purchase of each raw material to the retail sale, is controlled and traced according to European standards (see also certifications ).

Our company policy favors the high quality of products by careful researching and selecting the areas where the superior hypogeal fungus is harvested. We do not use industrial semi-finished products but only and exclusively top-notch raw materials; once selected, all-natural foods are then transformed at the modern factory, following traditional recipes and modern processing techniques, to guarantee maximum authenticity.
Concerning preserved products, utmost care is taken in selecting the best natural ingredients, excluding dyes, preservatives, and GMOs from the start; the long maintenance of our products is guaranteed by a careful process of encapsulation and sterilization, eliminating any added preservatives.


We continuously focus on the production line’s technological innovation and logistics to meet the most demanding requirements of large international distribution. The continuous process of research, experimentation, and development allows our company to easily support ad hoc suppliers, identify the most suitable and genuine ingredients for the most complex preserved products, and continuously propose innovative recipes in line with the culinary traditions of the country of reference.

Acqualagna Tartufi is able to control the entire production chain in its territory, starting from its truffle groves cultivated with tuber melanosporum (superior black) and scorzone (tuber aestivum or uncinatum), passing through its factory for the processing of natural/organic products and, finally, arriving at its store and restaurant in the historic center of Acqualagna (Osteria Braceria da Plinc).

Our company continues to invest in the territorial expansion and productive development of its truffle groves, thanks to the use of sophisticated machinery for the plateau’s aeration, the continuous grafting of mycorrhizal plants on new land, and the recovery of older plantations (460 plants per hectare).


Our company has a good, widespread national network of agents and sub-agents throughout the domestic territory, both for fresh and processed products. With regard to our preserved sauces and creams, the various active partnerships allow us to oversee most of the regions of Italy in the retail sector, the Ho.Re.Ca. Sector and large-scale distribution.

Our production organization is so flexible that we are able to serve small food and wine retail stores, through our first gourmet line with dedicated packaging, up to large retailers, through exclusive recipes and labeling with their own brand. We continuously participate in national food fairs and local markets and village festivals in central and northern Italy throughout the year.

As for foreign markets, the numerous European partnerships and the assiduous participation in international trade fairs have allowed us to connect with important retail clients/distributors, Ho.Re.Ca. and large-scale distribution in Germany, France, Spain, England, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, and Denmark. We also have prestigious and widespread clientele in other continents, including the United States, China, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates. We are well organized to be able to serve daily even the most difficult and dynamic markets in New York, Hong Kong, Miami, and Dubai, with fresh truffles from Acqualagna.

Our company is heavily investing in stored products in various foreign and emerging markets to make the world of truffles democratic, passing the test at the refined tables of good taste and transmitting the flavor and aroma of its land to an increasing number of people.


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