Our laboratory shows how the fresh truffle of Acqualagna is selected, cleaned, preserved, packaged and shipped in 24 hours.

Our suggestions for the maintenance, cleaning and use of fresh truffles.

● The fresh truffle is kept in the refrigerator wrapped in kitchen paper such as Scottex (it is advisable to change it every day as soon as it becomes damp) and placed in an airtight plastic or glass container.
● We specify that this isothermal box has been designed for the maintenance of our fresh truffles, together with the appropriate synthetic ices, during shipment but it is not suitable to store fresh truffles in the refrigerator as it is not conductor; therefore we recommend to remove fresh truffles from this container.
● The storage time in the refrigerator varies according to the type of truffle: generally, 5/7 days for white truffles, 8/12 days for black truffles.
● We brush our fresh truffle cleaning only the most consistent layer of soil that surrounds it; this is because the soil residues create a layer of protection for the truffle, which allows it to preserve its aroma. The truffle must therefore be washed carefully with a brush under running water just before using it. Finally, the truffle must be cut into very thin slices with the special truffle slicer.
● The superior white and black truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico and Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.) have a very intense and particular aroma, they can therefore be sliced raw directly on the hot plate. To enhance the flavor and release the aroma of less valuable truffles (such as bianchetto, black summer, uncinatum and moscatum) it is recommended to warm them together with the main course; add more raw slices on top of the hot dish as desired.